About Us

Jane has always had a love for food
Especially spicy food. And she had been making these spicy dill pickles at home for her family and friends for over 30 years. Everyone who tasted the pickles she made wanted her to sell them ...so they could buy more jars than just the one or two jars they got as gifts each year! (Her teenaged nephews even asked for some jars of her pickles for Christmas instead of money.)

So she finally took the hint
(many hints, really) and started Jane's Big Dill. Now you have a chance to taste the pickles that everyone has been raving about for so long.

What makes Jane's Big Dill pickles so special?
These pickles are canned the same day they are picked from the fields of Colorado to provide the very crisp snap and delicious flavor that you will experience with each bite.

We hope you enjoy these delicious, all-natural pickles with your family and friends
because Jane has crafted these pickles with the things that have brought the most joy to her life: an extra serving of spice and lots of love.

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